Birth Trauma and the Pelvic Floor

Nadia Qahwash Pelvic Health PhysiotherapistEncompass Health & Wellness As a Pelvic Health physiotherapist, I have had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful birthing parents who have had the courage to share their birthing stories with me. These stories vary from positive experiences to extremely distressing, negative stories that have left these parents feeling alien to […]

Support Makes a Difference: Doula Care and Perinatal Mental Health

Kirsten Carney, Grace Van Bruwaene, and Geraldine Tait It feels pretty straightforward to say that having support makes a difference to how we feel about ourselves and how we navigate life events. Describing what this support looks like and how it can affect our experiences can feel a bit stickier. To examine the qualities of […]

A Naturopathic Perspective on Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders

Dr. Melanie Reidl, N.D The postpartum period can be a transformative, beautiful experience for new parents, however, it is not without a dark side for many. I personally experienced both the euphoric stage of new motherhood, as well as the anxious and depressed state that many women experience. Perinatal/postpartum mood and anxiety disorders (PMAD) affect […]

Parenting on the Margins

Dr. Lori E. Ross, PhD (she/her)Associate Professor Division of Social and Behavioural Health SciencesDalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Over 20 years ago now, I remember wandering through the research posters at an international conference on perinatal mental health. I looked around me at all the important research helping us to understand […]

The Importance of Treating Postpartum Depression for Mothers, Families, and Society

Dr. Ryan J Van Lieshout, MD, PhD, FRCPC *A note from Climb Out of the Darkness Waterloo Region: Postpartum Depression is one of six diagnosable conditions which affect birthing parents during the postpartum period. This group of conditions, Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders, can be experienced at any point during pregnancy and postpartum. The blog […]

A Case For Comprehensive Pregnancy Education

TK Pritchard (they/he)Executive DirectorSHORE Honouring sexuality, diversity and choice. Think back to your experiences of sexual health education. What did you learn about pregnancy? Perhaps you learned how to prevent it – although I would hazard a guess that the information didn’t go far beyond “Wear a condom,” “Don’t have sex,” or “Birth control […]

Meet Lisette

I am a full time mom, doula, and perinatal mental health activist. Before having kids, I worked in museum programming. After having my daughter, I have been active in the postpartum community. With the dawn of the pandemic, I began investing more time learning about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. I am active with Postpartum […]