Local Resources

If you are in an emergency, please call 911 or proceed to your nearest emergency room.

Here 24/7

Call anytime at 1 844 437 3247 (HERE247)
or TTY: 1-877-688-5501


Rochelle KaiKai, MSW RSW – https://rootedthistlecounselling.com
Rebecca Johnston, MSW RSW – https://fireflycounselling.com/
Rachel Brnjas, MSW RSW – https://tapestrycc.com/
Nicole Mitten, RSW, MEd, MSc – https://www.owlwellness.ca
Kasi Shan, MSW RSW – https://kasishantherapy.com
Clare Pentilow, RSW MSW – https://kitchenertherapy.com
Catherine Mellinger, EXAT – https://catherinemellinger.com
Andrea Wiebe, MSW, RSW – [email protected]

Waterloo Region Counseling Collaborative Program – if you receive support from Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program you are eligible to participate.

Birth Workers with PMH Training

Lisette Weber – postpartumsidekick.ca
Grace Van Bruwaene – circledoulacare.ca

Support Groups

Stork Secrets
Postpartum Support International Support Meetings

Pregnancy and Infant Loss

PAIL Network
Waterloo Region Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support